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LaCasa provides a variety of solutions for
data-based decision making.


Research has shown that interventions to improve the quality and suitability of the home environment positively impact wellbeing while being effective in preventing, delaying, and reducing demand for social care and health care.


For elderly or vulnerable residents, La Casa provides a real -time and historic dashboard for users, families, carers, homecare agencies and healthcare providers to make living at home a better, safer place.


Using passive, unobtrusive IoT modules, activities of daily living for each resident are available to authorised users such as carers or families.


Early indicators of underlying health issues or distress can be identified as changes in behaviour patterns can be recognised and notified to the user’s circle of care for follow–up.

Wearable technologies such as bracelets or pendants can be added to the system as required to automated data input, while additional Medical devices for vital sign measurement such as body temperature, VO2, weight etc are also supported.


In addition, voice activated smart home assistants such as Alexa or Siri can be used to empower users to access essential services such as home shopping, prescriptions or fuel deliveries.



Is a property occupied or vacant?


A simple but important question for property managers that La Casa has been trained to recognise automatically and to raise notifications to responsible parties.

It is a simple question but not an easy one when there are hundreds or thousands of properties under management.


La Casa can also identify if the number of occupants at a property has changed or even if the occupancy profile of those residents has changed. 

In this way,  issues such as illegal subletting or activities can be easily identified and managed at scale.



To prevent unhealthy conditions in the home from developing, ambient parameters such as temperature and humidity can be continuously recorded. Homes can be monitored either individually or at a group level with outliers in terms of relative performance identified.


Potential issues that affect wellbeing such as very high or low temperatures, humidity, or even noise, can be reported and acted upon.

Underlying causes such as fuel poverty, anti-social behaviour or poor living conditions can then be assessed so that preventative measures may be taken.


Serious health issues as well as expensive property damage can result from conditions such as Mould. Its causes can be many and varied, but often are lifestyle-induced rather than structural( e.g. drying clothes indoors with inadequate ventilation).

La Casa can automatically detect and identify conditions that lead to mould before they deteriorate and report these for interventions by Maintenance as well as preventative action by residents.

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