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The silent killer in your home

This very tragic case highlights the mundane but very harmful impact of dampness and mould on health.- it’s also more common than realized with an estimated 450,000 homes in the UK alone affected by damp & condensation issues.

  • Many people do not realize how harmful this can be for the very young and the very old but just generally how much your home environment impacts on health and wellbeing . This is especially true for the elderly who spend a lot of time at home and often have a weakened immune system. It is even more likely in 2022 with the dramatic increase in heating costs.

At La Casa, our non–invasive solution works at scale to detect and predict harmful conditions so that automated and simple personalized interventions can happen to prevent mould developing in the first place. Prevention is inavriably better than cure and we have seen time and again , that early intervention saves money for the housing provider but also ultimately for healthcare systems.

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