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About LaCasa

Globally demand for healthcare services is driven by increasing, aging populations and chronic illnesses. Frontline primary care and public health services struggle to cope with costs and workloads.


The La Casa platform alleviates the burden by automating workflows and digitizing patient services. with  La Casa AI models used for remote patient interventions and preventative care.

Over 3 years of R&D have been undertaken with extensive pilot deployments to develop and train machine learning models. These models have been designed to identify, classify, and triage issues before they occur and recommend appropriate interventions or escalations to improve the health and wellbeing of service users.

La Casa’s team has extensive industry experience and is located at the Nova Centre, University College Dublin. Ireland.



Richard Cooke


With over 30 years industry experience in senior commercial and management roles across

telecoms, software, medtech and business consulting, Richard is leading overall company


Keith Lyne


An experienced CTO with over 20 years of experience leading software teams and managing mission-critical, enterprise IT.

Formerly Head of IT for Fexco
MSc in Information Strategy DCU, Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation

Jaroslav Psenicka

Software Lead

Technically sophisticated professional with a career reflecting strong developer qualification coupled with architectural and management experience.  

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