About La Casa

La Casa is an entrepreneur led, Enterprise Ireland funded commercial research project, in collaboration with CeADAR, the Artificial Intelligence centre of University College Dublin, to develop an online platform for independent sustainable living.

La Casa ,( or “the home”) provides a powerful decision support platform for public health and homecare while also enabling housing providers to better manage their property estates. La Casa is a collaboration between a team of experienced industry entrepreneurs and CeADAR motivated by a real market need for a disruptive, low -cost solution using Artificial Intelligence for predictive care and support in the home.

It has been designed to -

  • To assist Local Authorities and Councils, Social Housing providers & others to manage residential property assets by providing insightful data for preventative maintenance, occupancy management, and carbon emissions monitoring.
  • To support older people using new models of preventative care and domiciliary support.
  • To enable homecare providers to better support both clients and care staff.
  • To use AI to empower residents to access essential services.

Although conceived prior to the advent of COVID 19, La Casa has immense potential value for meeting current and future public health challenges enabling new models of remote predictive care in the community and residential settings.

  How it works



Richard Cooke

CEO & Founder

With over 30 years industry experience in senior commercial and management roles across telecoms, software, medtech and business consulting, Richard is leading overall company development.

Paul Boland

CTO & Founder

Highly experienced, "hands–on" technologist & entrepreneur with responsibility for overall technology development including all aspects of hardware, software & network architecture.

Rodd Bond

VP, Product & Founder

An industry veteran and architect by profession, with a proven track record leading applied research in assisted living, most recently as Centre Director of Netwell Casala, Centre at DKIT.

David Haughton

CIO & Founder

As senior Data Scientist with a respected track record in machine learning and AI expertise , David is leading the development of proprietary machine learning models for the La Casa platform.

How it works

La Casa uses software and hardware, comprising ambient and wearable sensors in the home, working over the mobile internet combined with powerful machine learning algorithms for detailed, informative and accurate risk detection and interaction with residents for preventative lower cost models of support and care. IoT devices provide data from environmental conditions in the home and insights into daily patterns of activity. This information is then available using La Casa online and is accessible to authorised stakeholders with the participant’s consent. La Casa can be used to: The use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, reduces time spent reviewing data, automates interventions with informed decision making for support providers. La Casa can:


To get in touch, please send us a message:

Dublin, Ireland

Phone: +353 (01) 716 5717

Email: info@lacasa.healthcare