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Importance of the home as a factor in health and wellbeing

LaCasa, or “the home”, recognizes the unique importance of the home as a factor in health and wellbeing and seeks to support users to live as well as possible at home for as long as they prefer.


LaCasa delivers actionable insights and targeted interventions to improve end-user health & well-being, slow age-related decline, and facilitate the delivery of services to improve the housing, social, and care needs of elderly or vulnerable residents.


Predictive AI based analytics & interventions for  improved outcomes

LaCasa has been built to use the things computers are smart at, leaving humans to focus on the really important stuff like making informed decisions that improve the comfort and wellbeing of users.


Using advanced machine learning, LaCasa can anticipate issues and detect subtle changes in living patterns or the home environment.

By 2050, the global over 65s population will double to 1.5 billion & the number of over 80s will increase by 157%. 



Heart rate
Blood pressure
Body temperature

Pulse Oximetry

ADL Detection

Sleep time
Bathroom visits
Appliance Usage

Movement anomalies
Time at home

Absence from home 
Door events and openings
Activity vs. inactivity levels

Incident Detection

Incident Detection

Incident Detection

Caregiver visits

SOS Alerts

Fall Detection

Ambient Environmental

Energy Usage

Detects Temperature variations

Mold Detection 

Mold Prevention



The increasing financial burden of meeting the care needs of older populations poses a big challenge for society with existing models of care with care and nursing homes.

Equally, most people, given the choice and provided they can do so safely and in comfort, would prefer to remain at home and live independently as long as possible.


LaCasa provides a web-based decision support platform combined with ambient intelligence in each home. Proactive interventions or notifications can then be used to prevent issues escalating into crises with notifications and alerts via email, text or online.


Occupancy management

Is a property occupied or vacant?


A simple but important question for property managers that LaCasa has been trained to recognise automatically and to raise notifications to responsible parties.

It is a simple question but not an easy one when there are hundreds or thousands of properties under management.



To prevent unhealthy conditions in the home from developing, ambient parameters such as temperature and humidity can be continuously recorded.


Homes can be monitored either individually or at a group level with outliers in terms of relative performance identified.


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